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What others say...

“I was skeptical about dream interpretation. I'm not a woo-woo type. April very gently educated me on dream interpretation, what it is and what it is not. It is NOT woo woo magic. It's simply our subconscious, our inner self, talking to us. Still I would be lying if I said I was 100% convinced.


So I decided to test her talent.


I gave her a dream from five years ago (when I kept a detailed dream journal), but didn't tell her it was from the past.


No need to go into all the details, but there are two which showcase her talent. She told me to go to the doctor something was very wrong with my health. Again, she didn't know the dream was from 5 years before. A year after that dream journal entry I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer! Had it been a real time interpretation, I might have discovered the cancer sooner.


Second, she said my dream indicated I was struggling with my faith. This point made me feel almost violated. Why? Because she was right, but that information was a secret in the inner sanctum of my heart, both at the time and since. Not a single person on this planet knew of my struggle. Just me and God.


April is thorough, compassionate, and best of all confidential! I can't stress enough how having a dream interpreted well is so much like letting someone peek into your secret places. Places you work long and hard to build walls around, or even places you don't know you have.


Try it. You will NOT be disappointed!” -Tonya F.

"I started working with April last year during a rough period in my life. I’ve always been

drawn to dream interpretation and even studied it for a few years in the early 2000’s. As I

picked it back up, the universe opened the door for me to meet April.

She was a light that I desperately needed in my life and she illuminated my soul in more ways than one. She began analyzing a few of my dreams and pointed out issues that needed healing. After a while, I was clearly seeing a pattern with my dreams almost begging me to heal my inner child wounds. April offered to work with me through the ‘cutting the ties that bind’ visualization therapy. It was an intense process that I diligently worked through for many weeks.


During the process, April would reach out to me consistently. She helped to open my eyes to a lot of issues that I was refusing to see. She helped me connect the dots for my healing. She helped me to learn to reparent that broken hearted inner child. She helped me to accept my pain, really feel it, express it, give back the influences that weren’t mine and release them from myself. She was absolutely amazing!


When I intuitively felt a big shift in my daily life, I knew I was done. My dreams also stopped, which was another indicator that the therapy was successful and ready for completion. It was such a transformational healing process for me and one that could only have happened with April’s help and guidance. Her ability to really connect with me and emotionally support me during this process was exactly what I needed to have the strength to finish this healing opportunity. This is definitely her gift and it was an honor to work with her." -A. McGee

“I’ve had two opportunities to speak with April about my dreams and hope for more. Her interpretations were insightful and built upon my own analyses. She was sensitive when addressing my questions.


I recalled my reading throughout the rest of the day as her voice is meditative. I was confused about my inner world and my connection to the spiritual realm and she helped. My dream featured the color blue and her interpretation gave me a renewed sense of value. I’ve noticed I’ve become more communicative after talking with April.


I recommend her whole-heartedly for all of your dream interpretation needs. Like I said, I can’t wait for more.” T. K.

"April is amazing at this. She's very insightful and easy to talk to. I had had some dreams that were causing me to feel uneasy and April helped me understand them a bit more, thus ridding me of those uneasy feelings as well as some feelings of guilt.


She was able to pull things from my dreams that are hidden deep within my subconscious - things about my personality, my emotions, and my fears that I don't talk about or even dare to acknowledge most of the time. By interpreting my dreams, she brought awareness to aspects of myself that can use improvement as well as the deeply ingrained reasons behind those things, thus teaching me more about self-love.


She's honest and thorough and everything she said made so much sense. April truly has a gift for this!!!  Plus she's simply a beautiful person. I definitely recommend her services as a dream interpreter." - Larissa Haroff

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