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The Beauty of Impermanence

You know those people who create works of art that will be erased, like mandalas, beach art, sand castles, chalk art, ...etc? I used to feel so bewildered by that process. I wondered why on earth someone would put their time into something so impermanent. Something that would serve so little purpose. How defeating!

What a waste of time and energy! Why do they do it? For God's sake, think of Roman statues - those people were doing it right! Living on forever, that's what art is for!

That was me until 2013. Now I know about manifesting and the law of attraction. How all of life, we manifest - either consciously or unconsciously. How certain subconscious beliefs (we don't even realize we have them!) limit our ability to manifest what we want. And of course life itself is impermanent. Fleeting. Temporary.

These people, back then, with their impermanent works of art, mirrored back to me a way to experience my thoughts (fears, rather) about life and my own creative power: “If it’s not permanent, it is worthless.”

I have since realized the truth that erasable art is deeply meaningful. Its' work is not pointless (contrary to young April's beliefs) and this is because it fully exists in the moment during and after which it is created it. This gives expression to the creative power of the artist/creator. That!!!! is what remains magnificent. It doesn't matter that the art doesn’t exist in that state forever!

The power to create is the thing which is infinite.

Back then, I was blocking my creative power by holding a belief that it must only be used for permanent things. It made folding the laundry feel meaningless and awful. It made all of life feel meaningless and awful. I did not know that all of life is a creative expression of my soul. Life itself is a canvas! The way that I speak, the way I write, or make art, it’s ALL absolutely creative. Also, my life is fleeting. I will not exist in this state forever. Someday the chalk art that is this life will be erased. I am here to create as this human right now. Joy exists in the act of creating. I have infinite power to create experience in any way that I choose. I can manifest any experience that I want. Every moment that I am here is like creating a Tibetan sand mandala. Life is like erasable chalk art, at its finest and most involved.

My mandala is just a grain of sand in the larger mandala that is all of us! We are creating together! What you and I create is a direct contribution to what everyone else is creating. When it's all said and done, we’ll all stand back in wonder and appreciation at our creative expression and power.

The secret we must remember is this: open your heart so you can follow it to create the life that wants to come through you. Trust that no one has an easy or "fair" life, but how we respond to limitation and impermanence is where the real magic comes from.


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